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The Trail Post Project

I am a big fan of hand written mail. In an attempt to revitalize this age old past time, which is quickly being lost to web-based communications, I’d like to start a post card project. Send in post cards with words of inspiration to get others outside and enjoying nature and I will post selected cards to the website.

Goal: The goal is to inspire others to hit the trail, see new places they have never seen before. Nature can be a much better medication than the couch.

How you get involved:  Send me any post card with positive words of inspiration to get outside! Be creative!

Example:  Write down the reason you get outside,  something positive you have experienced on a hike or adventure, or just a 1-liner (John Muir quote, whatever grabs ya).

I will select  a few post cards every month to be displayed on the page below. I look forward to receiving your trail posts!

Address: P.O. Box 67292 Phoenix AZ 85082

Trail Posts

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