PCT Day 94: Mile 1295.5-1323.5 Halfway Point



I woke early and packed up. Pocket Rocket was up in her tent putting her things away as I waved goodbye and walked out of camp. Still no BearCan (Vincnet). I trekked on and enjoyed the morning hike alone. I crossed the creek that I slept next to the night before and began the long grind up the mountain.

On the way I passed a fella named Macro who was sitting by a tree enjoying some coffee and going on about hiking in really late the night before. I said hello and twisted up the gain by the winding trail. Finally I popped out on top to find 3 tents near the Butte Mountain summit with sleeping hikers. They must have had a late night too as the sun must have been shinning on them for a half hour now. I went to the true peak, plopped down on a rock and had a snack. After a nice long break hikers finally began immerging onto the peak. Pocket Rocket, Macro, Patches, and Finally BearCan!

I was glad to see he made it fine and we all chatted on as we hiked to the next spring to get some ice cold tasty water. Apparently he had hiked just before my camp figured we would meet up the next day.

The next 7 miles to the next spring was a slog! Everyone dispersed and hiked their own pace, somehow I found myself in a stooper just slugging along. My legs were tired and I had zero energy. At one point my feet hurt so bad that I had to stop for 5 minutes just to rest them. I pressed on and finally arrived at the turnoff for the next spring. I dropped my bag and began to decend the 0.3 miles to water. It seemed so far in my mind. When I finally got there BearCan has lugged his pack down and was having lunch. We chatted, I grabbed water, and headed back to my pack for lunch. Soon Patches and Macro showed up and we all chatted on before I headed out for the long push to the half way monument!

Off BearCan and I went rolling through the hills and taking in the sights. After a few miles, from the side of the trail I heard “GoatMan!” I turned to see who it was, and it was HotBunz! Him and Bones were the two hikers did the 24 challenge and I hadnt seenhim since Casa De Luna! We caught up quickly and I said goodbye as I rushed along to catch up to BearCan. We I finally caught up we were on a good climb. The last big hill of the day. It was one heck of a haul and after some good huffing and puffing we saw Pocket rocket’s camp. Of course we stopped and chatted and she told of us her horrible DEET explosion in her pack and how half the things in there were melting. Ewww

We pressed on, and after 3.5 quick miles we finally founf the MidPoint Monument! It was a really awesome moment, and with a cracking of brews and opening of Doritoes we celebrated the milestone (literally). After signing the register we walked just 0.6 miles and found camp where Navagator (from South Africa) was camped. We joined on some nearby pads and soon after food and shooting the shit we were all in bed sleeping like babies!