PCT Day 89: Mile 1156-1187



Time to put the hammer down.

I woke feeling pretty well despite the 3 alarms I silenced to get a little more sleep. I packed up quickly and was moving on the trail before 6. My pack was on the 3rd day of resupply, so it felt light as a feather. I cranked on, watching the golden light spill through the trees.

Birds “danced” in the trail in front of me. I say danced in the nicest way to say copulating. I chuckled a bit and kept hiking on. I could hear the roar of the interstate as I neared it. Even at this early hour, cars and 18 wheelers rumbed past. The PCT went under the Interstate through some nicely layed tunnels and I soon popped out on the other side.

The morning was my most favorite time, not many hikers out, the golden hour is on, and you can usually see some cool wildlife. I kept on trekking pausing for a moment as a guy named Goldie came walking by with his phone playing music audibly. I hiked on closer, thinking he was changing songs, before finally I recognized the tune and realized he wasnt listening to music, he was watching Star Wars. I laughed out loud and asked him. He admitted it proudly and I passed him, leaving him to his movie.

Soon after cranking down on a good pace I started decending a hill through the pine forest and I happened upon 2Plated and Condo, a british couple I hadnt seen since the desert! We chatted on and carried on down the trail to keep the mosquitoes from feasting on us. After stopping for water I bid them farewell and hiked on.

The next section was a constant swap between flower covered mountain sides, pine forest, and ridge top vistas. I couldnt be more happy and a few of the vistas reminded me of trekking on the AT in Virginia.

I rolled on through and soon stopped at a creek to fill water. There were a few other hikers around commenting about a 10 mile stretch without water. I thought back to the days of the desert and knew northern cali could be just the same. After saying goobye I pressed on through the thick green woods an again twisted and turned through the valleys and mountains.

Finally after grabbing water under a vehicle bridge near the Jackson Meadow Campground I started to gain the last ridge before my final stop. I could see Jackson Meadows Resivoir from the ridge and enjoyed the vista. I soon met a nice fella from North Carolina named Hillbilly. He was really chatty and very nice. He went on about how he had trekked the AT in ’99 and how much he has been enjoying the PCT. Especially all the great trail magic that he was so fortunate to come upon!

We pressed the final ridge together, and I soon found an overlook with the perfect pad for my tent. Hillbilly took off towards his own site and left me to set up, cook, stretch, and crawl my tired butt into my tent. What a great day! Just a few more miles to Sierra City and a whole new bag of food!

Hiker Profile: Condo (Wayne) + 2Plates (Danielle) a british couple in the mid 40s who after mutiple trips to the states doing road trips and hiking treks, they decided to set their sights a little bigger. Having been all over the west and dabbled in the east they settled on the PCT to test themselves. 2plates was an elementary school teacher, and Condo was a Controls Engineer for a contracting company. Both deciding life is to short to be wasted sitting around have made the best of it, sold their house in 2010 and have been creating experiences for themselves ever since!