PCT Day 88: Mile 1129.5-1156 Truckee



The alarm blasted and it was time to move. I stood from my tent to see the first glimpses of light across Lake Tahoe. It was lite up in orange from the light and reflected it full on. An awesome view to wake up to, and I hoped the rest of the day would yield the same.

As I packed up and trekked out of camp I was greated by the flowers the seemed to follow me all day. The wildflowers, yellow, red, whoite, orange, speckled the fields through which the trail cut. The tall pines continued to tower above and I pressed on up and through the ridgeline. You could see for miles, the Lake below and the mountains ahead, it was really a sight to see.

I soon happened upon Nightwalker who was just standing after packing up his bag. I said hello recognizing him from North Kennedy Meadows and we chatted for a bit as we both let out on the ridgeline. We chatted on and took in the views. Soon I came across the first of 3 skiing areas I would find that day. The lifts stayed still in their dormant state. I trekked on and soon after plumitting down the backside of a hill I began to run into Flip Flop PCTers. I was amazed at how many I bumped into. I counted 7 in a 30 minute stretch. That coupled with all the new faces I had not yet met made an impression on the sheer number of PCTers I found on trail that day.

I kept pressing on, through the wood, and across the mountains. Soon I knew I would find Truckee and towards the end of a long day I crossed highway 40 where I met Stitches, chilling by the road waiting on friends. We chatted for a bit and I debated on going to a Ski Resort for some dinner. Deciding the mile were a little more important than more money spent on cold brew and a meal, I pressed on. The granit in this area was so interesting and I thought about climbing it. I turned a corner and saw 2 climbers, roped up and simuling a chill fun looking climb! I said my hellos and chatted in passing. How I missed pulling on rock. Besides people back home, I missed climbing most.

I pressed on soon finding a stagnant lake that I filtered from. Only a few miles left before camp I trekked on admiring the Granit faces nearby and dreamed on about climbing. I rounded a corner and soon found a nice little flat spot where I pitched my tent and started up dinner. It was a long day, but a good one. I hoped tomorrow would bring the same!

Hiker Profile:

Nightwalker, From Grass Valley CA, hiked a 160 mile section of the PCT in 2017. Now hes back to take on the full thing. Post PCT, he plans to go to Japan for a 750 mile trail. Just celebrating his birthday in South Lake Tahoe he has been enjoying seeing family and friends as this is his stomping grounds. He treks with a light pack and fast. His stride is short like mine, but he takes it on with a pizzaz that makes him fly across the landscape.