PCT Day 90: Mile 1187-1207.5 Sierra City



Ignore the Sirens Call

I woke early as usual and got moving. I loved the early morning starts. Something about being on the trail alone with little sound except the forest waking up and enjoying all the ways the suns light played off the landscape was awesome. Today was no different and i decended the large ridge I had gained the night before.

Down down down I went until I could hear the sound of a rushing river draw near. I continued to hike down and the creek just became louder. The canyon I was decending into was lush with undergrowth. Pines, bushes, ferns, the list went on and it seemed as though it was a nestled away little haven. It reminded my of Crabtree Falls VA.

As I hiked through the tranquil canyon, a hum of engine broke the peacefullness. At first I couldnt tell if it was cutting trees or clearing rocks. Once I was near enough the unmistakable sounds of a bucket grating rocks becme distinct. I trekked on quickly and was soonin the shaded veil of the mountain, listening to the road far below. I continued to decend the canyon and the canopy shaded me until I came to a bridge far above a rushing river. I could see it cascading downand a large group of hikers were by its banks hanging out. I had no time to chill, so I pressed on to the road ad was soon walking towards town with my thumb out.

A nice woman with 2 dogs picked me up and dropped me in the city center. I thanked her and soon was enveloped in having breakfast, greeting friends I hadnt seen in weeks, and finding my resupply box in the bck of the general store. I sat outside catching up and chatting on (Downward dog, Weezer, Napolean, Hillbilly, Matt (Trail Dale), The Muffin Man, both new and old friends were there) as I went through my chores. I had set a time to be leaving down . . . it expired. I set a later time . . . like hitting the snooze button I deferred it again. Once 2pm rolled around I knew that if I didnt get out I would be trapped! I gathered my bag and my Hiker 2 Trail sign and stood by the road.

I found Weezer, from the Mt Whitney day!

Soon the gal that ran the coffee shop in the summer picked me up nd dropped me at trail. It was time to move and the gain was certainly hardy! It took off up through tree covered switchbacks for some mies before opening up to a manzanita grove and switchbacked under the open sun. Soon I caught MotherHen, Calisi, and SpiritKick all trekking up the hill. We said hello and after some good sweat all met the ridge. I stopped to chat and after a short break I took off down the hill towards camp.

I paused at a creek for water and continued to pad down the beautiful hillside until a small horse camp came into sight. Hillbilly and Bearcan (as I started calling a new friend Vincient that I met in town because he still has his bear can) were set up at a table and informed me the price to stay was 24$. Holy wow! All three of us decided to push on and soon after some quarter of a mile I found a sutable spot. I was almost 9 already and I was way behind getting camp set up. Finally the tent was up, food in my belly, and soon snuggled in by bag waiting for sleep to take over!