PCT Day 78: Mile 1087- 1090 South Lake Tahoe



I woke early, not to an alarm, but just to the sound of birds chirping away in the trees around me. I didnt have to move, but I was excited to get to town and get all my chores done. I went through the usual morning routine and was soon on my feet chatting with Quill for a moment before pressing on.

She planned on just going in to Tahoe for a day and coming right back out after resupplying and sending some food forwards. I on the other hand was meeting Izzie and some other friends through the week and wouldnt be getting back on trail for a whole 6 days. It would be a good break, and seeing I was almost 50% complete with the trail miles, I though it would be appropriate.

The morning was beautiful and the light poured through the green pines. This was one of my favorite things. The golden hour as sun rose and set, something about this time was just magical. The mornings were typically still and filled with chirping birds and the only real sound of russling was my feet on the trail. I trekked through, decending from camp towards the trailhead where I hoped to hitch.

I soon happened upon Lorax and Firefly who were on the same mission. We chatted on and I found out that they had met the year previous on the AT and were hoping to be tripple crowners . We all exited the trail and walked out to the highway where we threw out out thumbs and hoped for the best. Quill soon joined us and we all tried our best not to look too grungy.

After 20 minutes of trying, simultaneously 2 cars pulled over and we all piled in. Jason was Quill and I’s newly found friend and he chatted on about Tahoe, his work, and his return from a month long vacation in Germany. A super nice guy, he dropped us both off and waked as he took his leave. It was chore time and I sat at a Dennys recalling the last few days and making my plan for the week t come. I was pretty excited to explore the area with Izzie, and find my way into a new pair of shoes and a new sleeping pad!