PCT Day 76: Mile 1039-1064 Tahoe Bound



I woke early, yet no one in seemed to be in a mood to get going. After pulling myself from my tent I could smell a campfire nearby. Hamms and Jelly Bones had started up a small one and everyone slothed towards it with breakfast in hand. Probablly one of the most chill mornings thus far!

After sitting around and playing the “would you rather” game for a while, I threw the final effects into my bag and was standing ready to rock and roll. I headed out strolling through the trees and winding through the trails. A good gain finally brouhgt me to a saddle overlooking a lush green valley ahead. I had no idea what to expect after the Sierras, but apparently, this was it!

I trekked on bopping around snow patches before Jelly Bones caught up with me. “Hey there brother!” pulling her best Hulk Hogan/Macho Man impression. Straight cracked me up, and we rolled on chatting about the trail and life back home.

Lakes were abundant and the creeks that flowwed across the trail were perfectly clear. We stopped for a snack after another climb and a pretty sick view ovwelooking the landscape to the east. Volcanic formations, pine forest, mountain lakes, and lush valleys were abundant. Other hikers trekked on by and we chatted about the Tahoe resupply plan.

We pressed on, winding through the forest and soon saw a road in the distance. On the other side of the road was a big tent and a nice man named Chipmonk manning the griddle. “Wahhhoooo” I let out a big woop. I hadnt seen trail magic since before the Sierras and a huge group of hiker were gathered, munching down on the charitable feast laid before them. Man it was nice: eggs, chili, bananas, cereal, orange juice, and piping hot coffee. I had no complaints and we stuff ourselves before thinking Chimpmonk profusively and pressing on.

Pressing on, playing leap frog with Bandilegs and Hamms we finally found a nice spot away from the mosquito invasion that started to rear its head again. Cowboy camping on a great view, we slept like logs before the dawn of day woke.