PCT Day 41: Mile 504-528.5 HikerTown


Alarm blasting, waking up with a wet bag, and going through the motions. It was 41 days in and I most definitly wasn’t tired of waking up and getting the chance of walking all day and taking in the views.

I headed out, soon stopping at a dirt road that lead to a cistern. It was said there was a dead snake in the water, at this point I was going for it. Sticks and bottles with their tops cut off laid near the opening. Apparently the method was to tape a bottle on a stick dipping it in the water to extraxt your portion.

Soon Sisyphus and the boys came walking down the hill after I was nearly done. Sisyphus employed a new method, he bent down sticking his whole body into the opening of the cistern and dipped out water by hand. He also went as far to pull the snake out, what a guy! I thought it was funny that is was him (Sisyphus) to pull out the snake that died obviously by drowning after attempting frutaly to escape it’s inevitable death. . .

After, we all trekked on, and what a beautiful trek! We rolled through the hills and the light shone through, soon the hills opened up and I could see the dry desert below. “Bring on the heat”, I thought! The beautiful meadow I was strolling through reminded me of walking down an Alabama country road. Birds chirping, golden light shining through, it was pretty serene.

Snaking through the next few miles I finally exited at a place called HikerTown where a bunch of other hikers were hanging out. We caught a lift to the diner 4 miles away where I ordered some food and recharged the batteries.

After betting back, chilling, and filling up on water I took off into the flat open desert. After a few miles walking by farm houses and plots of land I found the LA aquaduct, and eventually a huge pipe that feeds it. As I walked along its top I thought of all the peoples water below my feet, looking around seeing not a drop to drink. I bet some never even think of how far their water traveled just to be at the convinience of the flick of a wrist at the kitchen sink.

I trekked a few more miles, enjoying the cool temps and the joshua trees all around. My feet were tired and I found a nice spot to hunker down. Tent up, food in my belly, I layed down to rest, pretty happy with the days work behind me!

Hiker Profile:

Snake Patrol – From Saskatchewan Canada, hee had just graduated college and never had gone backpacking before in his life, before the PCT. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering and did some interships in his home city. Hopefully hell get a fulltime job post PCT where his gilfriend lives. Hes always been into some kind of sports, and played american football for all 4 years in high school as a tight end. He plans to get back onto his hockey team as soon as he gets back, and has really enjoyed hiking it with his best mate from school, Bakster.

Snake Patrol with his tongue sticking out.