PCT Day 22 + 23: Mile 240


5.5.18 & 5.6.18

I was woken up at midnight with Nick, Sam, an Izzie shinning their lights into my tent. I expected them to be in a car, but instead they were on foot. The night before Izzie (girlfriend) flew into Ontario CA, and Nick and Sam (buddies from Phoenix) picked her up from the airport. They drove towards the camp I was staying at just to find a locked gate that stopped their progress and forced them to walk on foot. Six miles and nearly 2000 foot accumilated gain they they found theirselves at the doorstep of my tent.

I was pretty happy to see everyone and we quickly set up camp and crashed out in the chilly 30 degree weather. The next morning we woke late and decided that with most of the supplies back at the car that instead of summiting San Gorgonio, the best plan, was to walk down the mountain back to the car and find a camp for the night. We set up, dropped most of our gear off, and went into Big Bear to be tourists for the afternoon.

I felt like a king, eating, sleeping, and actually bathing, it was a nice experience. After getting back to camp and making a steak and potato dinner I went to bed happy as a clam.

The next day we got up slowly and had an awesome steak, egg, cheese, and potatoe burrito. After handing out for a bit we headed back up the moutnain where Sam and Nick left Izzie and I to fend for ourselves for the rest of the afternoon. We snacked, day hiked, and relaxed, getting ready for the next day attempting a summit bid on Gorgonio.

Resupply time!

Hiker Profile:

Jenn – 60s, Wanted to walk cross country after seeing Forest Gump. It wasnt until she worked in Yellowstone for 4 seasons, that she realized you could cross the country on a trail and not just on roads. She was a retired corrections officer, as was her husband. Once she stated that she wanted to hike the trail, her dusband told her she needs to act her age. After working in Alaska a few seasons her husband started becoming more interested in hiking but still not too keen on her hiking the trail. Despite her insistence, her husband faught her up to the day she left for the PCT, planning was difficult. Husband drop her off at Scissors Crossing, and met her down the trail at Warner Springs. Every time he sees her, he tells her she can leave any time. Finally he started to support, sending food and packages. Shes plans on only hiking to Northern California, taking her time as she goes. Avergaing just 10 miles a day, shes taking her time and enjoying every minute of it!