PCT Day 24: Mile 240 San Gorgonio



Izzie and I woke early, made coffee, and hit the trail before the sun hit us. Our aim for the day was to top Mount San Gorgonio standing at 11,503 ft.

We pressed on in the early morning glow with just day packs that were light as a feather compared to the usual boulstering backpacks. We found ourselves at the traihead and started out.

The trail was faint at best to start and several times we got off track, on a wash that looked like a trail until we realized it went nowhere. I pulled out my phone and checked the GPX, we were way off! We circled around and finally found ourselves on an established trail and started trekking. Rounding a bend we saw a nice large meadow lay off to the right and a small creek trickled trailside. Suddenly, three deer, startled by us, headed up towards the top of the hill far from sight.

Perfectly good signage!

We pressed on, finding Fish Creek just before slathering on sunscreen and leaving the protection of the trees into the sun drenched hillside. The gain was on! We headed up and on switchback after switchback until finally seeing the snow covered Gorgonio, standing proud.

After a quick break we climbed further up the side of Gorgonio and finally into some heavy switchbacks. Snow caked the trail and we kicked in steps as we went. After rounding the south side of the mountain we reached the final switchback! The end was near and we were both a little tired from the push. By this point the trees were now shrubs, and nothing but large granite boulders and chipmunks lived up here. The constant gain finally let up to the summit, we rejoiced and celebrated with a much deserved snack and rest!

The views all around were awesome, San Jacinto to the south, Mount Baldy to the west, the Mojave desert to the northeast and Palm Springs to the east. Satisfied with our feat we packed up and headed back down the trail we came, until finally after 20 good miles we arrived at camp ravenous for food and the remaining 2 beers we stashed. Another great day outside!

What a great day!