Food Review: Mountain House Turkey Casserole


Water: 1 1/4 Cups Boiling

Cook Time: 9mins

Mountain House

Mountain House was kind enough to send me one of their dinners about to come out for me to test and review. Ill be straight up, I have never been a fan of casserole anything (I didnt have a choice in the meal they sent). However, this meal wasnt that bad.

When I first opened it, it smelled like thankgiving. I peered in, chunks of celery, chicken, stuffing. I was excitited, and as I began stirring I licked the spoon and was ready for it to be done so I could devour it!

When it was ready, I dove in: The taste was good, but what I think threw me off was that the bread pieces had turned to a mush, I guess in a way making it a casserole. It was good, not my favorite. If the beading didnt run to mush I think i would have gone bonkers for it.

Overall: 6/10 – Would eat it again to mix things up, but would’nt be my first or even third pick. Give it a go, especially if you are a casserole lover!