Catch Me If You Can! Lets Play – Hike and Seek!


Hike and Seek!

I am launching a new project called Trail Post. Details can be found here: Trail Post Project

What Is this about? As a part of the project launch, I am instituting a challenge to my friends, family, and local outdoor enthusiasts for a fun outdoor activity to encourage hiking, a little mischief, and prize-winning!

How to play? Your job as hikers will be to come find me. My job will be to provide prizes to the first 20 people who find me using the spot tracker (link provided below).

When, Where, How?! 

  • Date: Sunday, December 11th 2016
  • Time: 7am Start to 3pm Finish.
  • Location: Phoenix (AZ) Area Mountains – SPOT Tracker link

The Mischief! 

As most of you do not know what I look like, I will be wearing all green head to toe. Trust me, you will NOT miss me!

What happens when you find me?

Call me out by name: “GoatManMike” and tell me you are playing “Hike and Seek” that’s it! I will be hiking several places throughout the day, so don’t expect me to stay in one spot. The first person to find me at each location gets a bigger prize (of course), and then each seeker after will get smaller subsequent prizes.

I hope to see you all out there on the trail and I look forward to seeing you participate in the Trail Post Project!