South Mountain Loop – Dust storm – AZ (9.3.15)

Ranger Trail Head

I headed to South Mountain after work, doing a quick training session for a nice 6 mile loop. This time of year means heat, dust storms, monsoons, or other malcontent weather that could deter any hiker from their trek. I was determined though and pushed up Ranger trail like it was my job.

View from Goat Hill to the West (click to enlarge)

I peaked out on goat hill and took in the sun covered in the afternoon storm clouds, what a beautiful sight! I stopped for a moment to snap a few pictures when I turned to the south to take in the view. That’s when I saw the wall of dust, higher than the mountain headed my way. By the looks of it, (to my relief) it was a dust storm and not a monsoon that was accompanied with violent rain and lighting.

View to the south from Goat Hill – Incoming!!! (click to enlarge)

It was time to move! I trekked on, pushing through the loop I originally planned even though the threat of dust was headed my way. I figured without the treat of lightning I could put up with a little dirt in my face. I pushed hard and trail ran the whole way back to the truck (not much of a trail runner but hey a storm will give you motivation!), trying to suck down the least amount of dust as possible. Trekking on downhill I flew until I finally made it back to my truck. Dust still filled the air and I couldn’t see phoenix on the way down.

Incoming! (click to enlarge)

I love the trek here in phoenix, no matter the challenges of the weather. The storms here are an awesome force and mother nature is nothing but to be respected. Another awesome experience in the valley of the sun!


Hiking Info: Ranger Trail to National to Goat Hill to National to Kiwanis to Los Lomitas

1 liter of water