PCT Day 98: Mile 1411.5-1436.5 Burney Falls



Trees get hungry too!

I woke early as usual and got moving. The barking dogs of the night didnt keep me awake, but when I did get up my sleeping bag was wet. I wasnt sure if it was sweat or humidity, but its wasnt a great feeling. Coffe in one hand and a PopTart in the other I hiked the trail through the spider web of forest roads in the area.

The night before I began to feel a little heal pain right foot and it persisted today. Since pushing from Tahoe and the change of terrain, all these new little aches and pains have crept up on me. I try my best to just hike through telling myself its just adjusting to the new rythm. I be beopped through the twisting trail and I could soon hear the 18 wheelers roar on hwy 89. I was getting closer to the State Park, and the Falls.

Soon after crossing the road I entered State land and kept on trekking until I found the turnoff to the Falls. To my surprise Fugi and Jupiter were still there about to head on after checking out the natural wounder. I had a resupply box at the General Store and had to walk in. I said goodbye and headed towards the store.

Soon I saw BearCan who had already been there for an hour and told me the store was closed until their power was restored. Gah! He was on his way out and I waved on as I walked the last steps the store. I looked left and I saw n other than Ladybug himself! He was sitting with his girflriend Camiel and friend Connor. We chatted on and caught up since we hadnt seen each other since Tuolumne.

I grabbed my box from the store after sweettalking the lady glairing at me from behind the CLOSED sign. Afterwards I chilled with Ladybug and crew. Noon rolled around and I realized I had been there for 3 hours, and with a full resupply it was time to get up trail! I said my goodbyes and headed out.

Soon after winding through the woods I crossed a huge dam that was fed by Lake Britton, just north of the falls. I took in the views and pressed on. Soon I found a ridge and my next water source. There was a group of hikers hunkered down underneith, hiding from the hot sun. I grabbed water and pushed on, not wanting to waste any more time.

Soon I met Sweep, who had a harroling tale about his pack getting stolen at the Old Station Fill Up. I felt bad for the guy, and it was such a bizzar occurance, you almost dont know what to say to it. WE pressed on and chatted on for a bit about the trail and what we did in the default world. Soon we found the next water source and Thomas rolled in with a few other hikers follwing behind him.

We all chatted on and soon let out for the next water source, Thomas and I hiked together and chatted on about climbing and what life would hold post PCT. Its always interesting to hear peoples thoughts on what will happen after.

After filtering from the next stagnant pond I then pressed on alone. The golden hour was upon me and I loved this time of day. I trekked until finally emmerging to an open view clearly seeing Mt Shasta in all its glory! Pilgram, Mouse, and JustMatt were hanging out taking it in. WE chatted and I finally pressed the last 2 miles to camp that I set up as the last onces of light from the sun faded from the sky. Another great day, padding on the trail!

Hiker Profile:

Sweep, 30s, from Florida. He was a contractor working in construction before coming to the PCT. He had a Gregory pack and had everything dialed in before stopping off in Old Station. He put his pack down onthe picknick tables out back to go inside just for as minute. Soon a car with 3 people pulled up and they scoped out his pack one at a time before the last one grabbed it and they jumped back in making a speedy getaway. Sweep had missed them by moments, and when he realized what happened, was devistated. He said “I felt like I wanted to Cry and Puke at the same time” I felt for the guy. He hitched into Reading and went to an Outdoors store where he dropped 1500 getting new gear. To top it all off he had just gone through a breakup with his gf just 2 weeks ago after not being able to make the long distance work. He in the midst of trying to forgive and forget, putting the whole thing behind him and moving on.

Suppliment Suggestions: Glucosamine, glutamine, multi vitamin, branch chain amino acids.

Thomas: 20s, from Columbus Ohio. Paint cars for a living and wants to get into climbing. He hiked the AT in 2015, the PCT up to Lake Taho in 2016 (had to come off trail after a shoulder injury), and is now back in 2018 to finish the PCT from Tahoe to Canada. He feels like his people are out west and all outdoorsey. Not many people in Ohio have his lifestyle or knack for trekking, so post PCT hell be looking for a new home.