PCT Day 8: Mile 115-129


I woke early, went through the usual routine. I wasnt in a large hurry this morning so I made coffee and sipped it as I broke down my tent. It was a pretty nice campsite, not far from a gugling creek, tucked back under a nice strong tree.

Found surprise messages in my TP 🙂 You rock Chris!

Pack strapped on, I let out on the trail. As soon as I did I ran into Ryan and Snake-eyes (Kim) who I had bumped into the night before brefly just before camp. They were all smiles and we chatted for a bit as the three of us gained the mananita covered hillsides, leaving the safety of the tree covered creek bed.

They were from North Carolina, and wanted to try their hand at the PCT. They stopped to pull off layers and I pressed on. It wasnt too long winding up the switchbacks before I ran into a trail Angel with her 2 dogs! Topaz was there handing out ornages, capree suns, bananas, and other snacks. Trail Angels go out of there way just to support the hiking community and leave goddies for them to grab.

There was lots of granite faces and boulders NE of Pine Mountain near Indian water flats, could there be climbing there?

I pressed on winding up the hill before spotting a granit boulder jetting up from the surrounding shrubs. I thought that would be a great spot to take a rest, so I walked over and scrambed up the fun ascent to the top! What a view!!

After a much needed rest I pressed on the next few miles until happening upon Mikes Place. Another trail Angel, he lets hikers camp in his yard, sometimes makes pizza and burritoes for them. I walked in and hung around in the hammock for a while chattin with Breeze, ki, Rryan, Offtrail, and Scott. Burrito in hand and a nice breeze, I couldnt ask for more!

Chilling at Mike’s Place

Knowing I needed to press on I filtered 4 liters, packed my bag and rolled out hiking another 2.5 miles before finding my camo for the night. It was still early so I scrambled up Comb Peak, right next to camp for fun. I retuned, finsh getting setup and broke out som Turkey Mac + Cheese, compliments of Nick Norwood. Spicy and deliecious! Another great day on the trail =)

This ain’t your ma’s Turkey Mac-n-Cheese

Hiker Profile:

Kim + Ryan

AT completion last year, from Charlotte NC, coming to check out the pct.

Trail Angel – Topaz: 49, originally from Washington, moved to Texas with her sister then came to cali for work. She lives in an 84 motorhome, enjoying her work, living just off Lake Henshaw, and she planned to hiking the full PCT next year.