PCT Day 72: Mile 991.5-1012 Sonora Pass



Goodbye Sierras :*(

We woke down in the meadow, I could still hear the river crashing just a few hundred feet away. I looked up towards the netting of my tent, it was still covered with Mosquitoes, Crap!

We had no choice but to get ourselves moving. I packed as much things into my bag befoore exiting my tent. Wrapped like a mummy in clothes I broke my tent down and hurrily got on trail. Happy had already beat me to the punch and had let out from our camp 10 minutes before.

Despite the small annoying bugs, the morning was gorgeous. The golden light played off the trees and the river rolling through the bottom of the valley through which we were hiking. Slowly and surely after a few relaxing uphills we found ourselves at the bottom of Dorthy Lake. It was a beautiful sight, the snowcovered mountains surrounding like sentinals and the green lush grass boarding the lake was very welcoming. It was a little early for a dip so we kept on pushing up to Dorthy Lake Pass. Once again we took in the sihts to the valley ahead, speakled with lakes and just as beautiful as the last.

The trail was a bit sloppy, but after some careful footwork and a few creek crossings we found ourselves at a bridge. This marked the end of the mosquito attack and I saw Papperazi and his dad Freighttrain hanging out beneith a tree. We chatted for a bit before they took off, and soon Happy came rambling through. It was lunch time and after a while Oxygen Debt came through and we all enoyed a nice break together.

We hiked on, up through the valley towards the pass before bumping into Trainwreck. I let her borrow my batt pack and we all pressed up the large mountian towards camp. As we pressed on, all of the supdden I felt an icecold streak run down my head and neack. Happy had grabbed a snowball and crushed it on my head. It was on and we reverted to children having a snowball fight.

After taking a time our, we crawled up the rest of the pass and were impressed with all the surrounding views. We could see the Sieraas to the south and the outstretched mountains before us. We were at the end of the Sierras and it was almost sad to look back at their snowcapped peaks. The three of us pushed on and finally found camp at 10,800 ft. With light fading and not much choice, Happy and I cowboy camped on the trail while trainwreck set her tent up in the wind on a small bivy pad. A really gorgeous view put us to sleep and we all bundled up in the chilly wind of our trialcamp.

Oxygen Debt: 40s – from all over really, seemed very vague on his background but very nice. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors degree in Physics, but seemed to have most recently been bumming it around the world seeing the sights. North of the artic circle, to Alaska, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, the list goes on. He also dabbled in some Irish dancing amongst what seemed to be one of his many mysterious skills. Happy and I couldnt get a true bead on the fella, but one the less enjoyed his company just the same.

Book Reccomendation: Cork dork