PCT Day 68+69: Mile 942.5-948.5 The Tuolumne Wait


6.20.18 + 6.21.18

Day 68: Lambert Dome

The waiting game was strong! A car would deliver the mail around 1pm and then after an hour of sorting I found that there was once again no packages waiting for me. The nice thing was I got to chat and meet all the hikers rolling into Tuolumne Meadows. At the end of the day I had to get out so I decided to hike Lumbert Dome and I wasnt let down.

It was a great hike and after topping out and enjoying the views I returned to my campground, just to wait the next day.

Day 69: The Naked Mile

I packed up my bag and tent. I decided I couldnt wait anymore and whether my packages came or not I would leave. Going back from breakfast and getting my ressuply together, I hung out. Happy had returned from his side trip to Half Dome and we waiting as people rolled in. Soon Happy Feet, Fuji, and Silver Fox came strolling into town! I hadnt seen them in quite a while and it was a really nice treat! We chatted on and hung out, then finally I watched as the car brining the pakcages to the post office rolled up.

No luck, no shoes, no new sleepin pad. We said our goodbyes and Happy and myself rolled out of Tolumne. About half way to camp on the Summer Soulstice, which so just happened to be naked hiking day, we got in our Naked PCT Mile. Ill be honest, it was pretty invigorating just rolling without clothes enjoying total freedom.

After thowing clothes back on we pushed the rest of the way to our camp passing rushing waterfalls and gorgeous granit sights. We soon met Lisa and Mike, a couple of backpackers out for the weekend. We decided to camp togeher and got a nice fire rolloing just as Feather rolled through and joined. It was nice to be back on the trail after so much wait!

Huarache – 29 – From Vancoover Canada. Doing a shoeless hike throughout the PCT. Has a “Zero Drop”, “Zero cushion”, “Zero Arch Support” which pretty much means you are barefoot. His sandles are homemade and only give a little protection to the ground. Has been hiking without shoes for 8 years now, and has continued to trek that way ever since. He stubbed a toe in the first 2 weeks and even though it looks gnarly but doesnt hurt a bit. Usually sheds a layer of skin every once in a while, a new calouse grows and he just keeps on trekkin. Usually wears socks in the snow, and the hot desert air on new skin has been the worst injuries for him. Hes confident in finishing and is walking home!