PCT Day 103: Mile 1531-1561



Be alone in the woods sometimes, it’s good for you.

I woke and went through the usual routine. I filtered water from Porcupine Lake an was surprised to find how warm it was. I packed up before the rest of the crew had even stirred, and I let out on the trail.

I would see glimpses of the morning sun, but being blocked by a ridge left me curious how it looked on the face of Mt. Shasta. As I followed the winding trail I saw quite a bit of smoke in the air. I assumed it was from the fire to the south. I even smelled the burning wood, which meant it could be close. I pressed on listening to the song birds before coming to a short rest at DeadFall Creek Spring. I filled my bottles with the cool clear liquid and scanned the surrounding ridges while eating a second breakfast. The Hobbits had it right, I though to myself.

I packed up and headed on bumping into a few day hikers as I went. A guy and his grandkids, a man by himself, and a man with two kids who were telling me to be ware of zombies. I laughed and said I would as I trekked on. It wasn’t long that I came upon the trailhead they emmerged from.

I trekked on and winded through the woods as I watched birds fly and chipmunks scatter at the sight of me on the trail. I came to yet another spring and had a small break while kicking my shoes off. A pair of blond bearded brothers, wearing almost the same thing hiked by. I said hello, but neither looked in the mood for small talk, or big talk, or any talk for that matter.

I pressed on and enjoyed the long stretch with open views. I crossed paths with a green mojave rattlesnake, who looked like he had business of his own. And a baby bird who looked as though he was too young to fly and the nearby parents were either scolding him, or me for being too close.

It wasnt until the last few miles of the day that I bumped into Anarchy from Aulstralia. We chatted on as we both hiked down towards Hwy 3. He went on about his crew he was hiking with and why he was here. He seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere on trail. As we got to the road he headed off in his own direction for camp, and I kept hiking on.

After a mile or 2 I found a nice spout trailside, just a few miles from the next spring where I steaked my claim for the night. I hadnt seen much of anyone all day long, but I wasnt complaining, sometimes its nice to have the woods all to yourself!

Hiker Profile:

Anarchy – 20s from Aulstralia. He came to the states to hike the PCT for the social experience. Trail Angels, Trail Magic, Towns easily accessible, other hikers the same age, and a while sub-culture of people just out for a long walk across the Untied States. It called to him, and he answered. After his trail friends dfound out he carried a womans deoderant that was called Anarchy for Her, he got his trailname!