PCT Day 101: Mile 1498.5-1504.5 Mt. Shasta



The mountains are calling

I woke up warm, just 3 miles from the road that lead to Mt. Shasta city, and I was undecided on my plan. After hiking down the hill and finding my way to the road, a lovey lady and her dog came to a hault by my side. She rolled her window down manually and asked if I needed a ride. “Heck yea!”, was my only responce.

Martha and Mo had made my choice for me between Mt. Shata and Etna for places to resupply. I was very grateful and we chatted on during the ride into town.

I thanked her as she dropped me off at a bakery which had some awesome coffee and great food! Afterwards et up will JellyBones, Trout, Ketchup, and SugarMan at their hotel where we all caught up and I returned Jelly Bones knife, which somehow ended up in my posession.

The next few hours were full of going around town and trying to see if I could find a ride to the base of Mt Shasta, the actual mountain. After hours of trying, I relized I’d have to hitch all the way to the next town, then somehow hitch up a dirt road. I decided getting back on trail and finnishing was more important.

After resupplying I went back to the Climbing gym where hikers were camping out, and met up with Tank who I hadn’t seen since Tuolumne Meadows. We chatted on about our common friend Noodles who decided to leave the trail. Its sad, but it happens. Afterwards we both caught the 6pm shuttle back to the trail.

Soon my feet were back on dirt again and I pressed on. Up and up it seemed (maybe I was just tired) until I finally found the camp just beyond the wilderness boarder. I set up, made dinner, and was soon fast alseep!