PCT Day 50: Mile 702-705 Sierra South Wilderness



Kennedy Meadows is the south gate to the Sierras. We woke the next morning, ready to resupply and get after it! We grabbed some pancakes, hashbrowns, and coffee to start the morning off right.

The name of the game was go to Grumpy Bears and the Outfitters a few miles away, then come back and do laundry, take a shower, have a last real meal before hitting the road.

Cowboy stayed behind and Ladybug, Sissyphus and I hit the Outfitters and Grumpy bears for lunch. Pausing to play a few games of pool on their rockity table, then headed back to the general store.

My package hadn’t arrived yet and I was nervous that if it didnt arrive on the Saturdy (today) I’d be stranded there for 2 more days waiting on my gear and food. When I got back I found that I was in luck!

Packing the bearcan, extra clothes, 5 days of food, and iceaxe into and on the outside of my pack was a feat all in and of itself. I was ready and soon were the boys. I grabbed the last drying shirt from the clothesline and threw it in my bag as we all took off for the trail.

The feeling was that we couldnt get stuck there another night and a riverside camp was just what the doctor ordered! We let out trekking on through the open desert before finally coming to a pine forest and a sign that said Sierra South Wilderness. We had made it!

Soon afer the sign we found an awesome camp just off the river and settled in. I went flyless tonight hoping for good stars. It was a good solid day and after seeing many hikers and nice things in town, it was time to get back to the reason we are out here, the wilderness!