PCT Day 48: Mile 651-676 Sierra Foothills



Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home . . .

We all slept in! The alarm blasted and I slapped the snooze, a second time, and a third! Finally around 5:45 I started moving around groggily getting my things together. It was nice to lie in every once in a while and once I popped my head out of my tent I found the Sissyphus (Heddi), Ladybug (Paul), and Cowboy (Mike) had all done the same.

But none the less the miles weren’t going to walk themselves. We got rolling and headed out as a group. We soon crossed Highway 178 at Walkers Pass and started up the next large hill. It was some good gain and we got after it! Trekking on and slowly ascending the moutains in the distance and the desert to the east came into view. We soon realized that this marked the start of the foothills to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and we were almost at their doorstep!

The trail swisted and winded throught the pine covered mountains and soon skirted east allowing the expansive desert to the east to be put on display. It was might beautiful! Trekking on the trail pushed us to the backside of the moutnain, back down into the high desert. We all started leap frogging and hiking at differet paces. Back and forth we went until finding a nice spring to grab water and take in some lunch.

It had been a really nice day and the little oasis in the canopied canyon was gorgeous. Other hikers came and went, grabbing water, and the 3 of us took in a nice long break! There was only 1 climb betweeen us and camp. Six miles, 2000 feet of gain and nothing but mountain top views (we hoped)! We finished up, packed up, and headed on. Sissyphus, Ladybug, and I stuck together on the climb like a well oiled machine. Took a nice solid pace and didnt let up until the mountain did! As we gained the trsail the wind became more ands more hostile.

We kept pushing on and the wind just kept getting harder! The half bent over pines told the story that this was the norm here in this little cooridoor and it was up to us to endure as the pine did. We pressed on step after step, mile after miles, until finally we came to a windswept campsite. We ducked down on the east side of the ridge and there was practically no wind! We chose our camp and set up. The trees above still screamed from the wipping wind as if it were angry we temporarly escaped its grip! I was glad to have a nice chill spot, and soon all of us were fed, and receeding to our tents from the wind. A great day indeed!